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Fantastic Beats Volume 3- Benefiting the Remus Lupins!

Hey there Wrockers! I'm posting to let everyone know that Volume 3 of Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them: Care and Handling of the Remus Lupins is now completed paper versions are now available.

But things are being done a little differently this go round. In general, I have offered the zine for a flat rate of 1.00 per copy (just to cover photocopying and paper etc) but this time, I'd like to do something to help out The Remus Lupins, after their terrible run in with thieving Death Eaters this summer.

So here's the deal- Copies of the zine will be available for *donations*. If you want to send the regular 1.00- that's fine. If you want to send 1.50 or whatever, that's great to. All the donations (I'll be paying for the cost of shipping and copying out of pocket) will be sent to the band- probably at the end of September.

This volume is pretty cool, if I say so myself. Cookies, photos, word puzzles, articles, and even an interview with Alex Carpenter! Super Awesome! In addition, each volume will be shipped with a Remus Lupins bookmark- made just for this little project.

If you are interested in ordering a copy (or several) please email me at

I've also contacted Alex- and will be sending him some copies to hand out at shows- but that will be after a while- so this is an opportunity to get an early copy! :D
Thanks so much for all the support you guys have shown me and my zine in the past.
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